Pasture Raised Eggs from our farmyard to your kitchen

Our Eggs

Eggs like you’d get from your own backyard – minus the hassle for you!

Our chickens are allowed to roam free, eating plants and insects (their natural food) along with some commercial feed. Omega-3-enriched eggs; basically, they’re like conventional chickens except that their feed is supplemented with an omega-3 source like flax seeds.

Our Girls

There’s nothing quite like the sight of a happy flock clucking around the place…

We focus on providing the best environment, care and feed for our hens. Our hens are fed with grain from our farm, with no additives, just extra vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy happy flock.

By moving them every day, we give them daily access to the things they want or need the most, as compared to keeping them in a stationary coop and pen, where they’ll quickly eat up the things that are most nutritious for them.

About Us

Farmyard Eggs is a family-owned and operated business, producing pasture-raised eggs in a natural system on our Farm in the heart of Northern Southland.

We sell eggs to cafés, restaurants and locals. Eggs like you’d get from your own backyard – minus the hassle for you!

Where to Buy

You can buy eggs from our roadside stall at 67 Athol-Five Rivers Hwy, Athol, on your drive South. 

Need eggs for your Café or Restaurant?

If you’re interested in eggs for your café, restaurant or business get in touch and we can talk delivery.

Call Amanda on 0274 983 022